We offer a variety of residential fencing solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you are looking for wood, chain link, vinyl, ornamental, or a custom option for your home…we can make your project a reality!

Residential Fencing Solutions
Your home is your sanctuary. Your yard is an extension of your home living space. We understand the importance of providing residential fencing solutions to keep your yard safe and secure while ensuring it looks amazing for years to come!

Fencing Services Available

  • Wood Fencing
  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Ornamental Fencing
  • Custom Fencing Options
  • Dog Kennel Fencing
  • Snow Fence

Other Services Available

  • Decks and Railings
  • Curbing
  • General Landscaping

We know our customers work hard for their money. At Precision Fencing Services, we strive to make sure you are completely confident in your investment. We proudly stand behind our work and aim to make sure you are 100% satisfied.


Wood fences are classic, timeless, economical, and a solid choice for ANY home! With a variety of design options available, we are sure to be able to provide you with options that fit both your style and budget.

Pressure treated wood is the most common choice – and for good reason! It withstands the Alberta climate and resists insect damage and decay for decades.

Cedar fences are also a popular choice. They withstand our harsh climates and the natural oils prevent decay, damage, and warping.

Composite materials or painting/staining your wood fence are other options to add longevity and durability. Using metal posts will significantly add longevity to the life of your fence. While this is not essential, it is highly recommended to get the most out of your investment!

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Vinyl fencing is known for being low-maintenance, economical, adaptable, and eco-friendly. With a variety of color and design options available, you are sure to find something that works for your property!

Vinyl Privacy Fencing aims to provide maximum privacy by effectively screening off an area from neighbours and passing members of the public.

Vinyl Picket Fencing is often a good design for the front garden of a home or for walkways in parks and recreational areas. You can achieve the classic white picket fence look or select another design such as a scalloped vinyl picket or straight picket.

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For many years, chain link fences have been a popular choice among homeowners. They are economic, durable, and function well in a variety of settings.

Our team of fencing experts can assist you with picking materials to meet both your needs and your budget. We have a variety of options available from a thick 6-gauge to a more flexible 9-gauge mesh, steel, galvanized, vinyl coated, and more.

Chain link fencing is also available in a variety of colors from black, white, brown, or green.
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Ornamental fences instantly add great style and elegance to any home! They are tough, durable, and low maintenance. Once installed, they will continue to add beauty and character to your property for years to come.
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We understand the importance of adding character and value to your home. If you have a custom fencing idea for your property, contact us today to discuss options. We would love to be able to make your design come to life!


A dog kennel fence will provide your pup a safe place to run and play during the day and prevent them from ruining the yard or escaping into the street! Whether you require a simple dog run or custom kennel fence, Precision Fencing Services can get it done.
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Southern Alberta winters are known to bring lots of snow! Snow fence acts as a barrier and helps reduce the amount of blowing snow or drifts on your property and can reduce the need for shoveling or plowing.

If you have a large yard or an acreage, you should definitely consider installing snow fence. It is highly recommended snow fence be installed in late fall before the ground freezes and snow accumulates. Snow fence can be removed in April or May when the majority of heavy snowfall has passed.
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Adding a new deck, or repairing/expanding on an existing deck, is a great home investment! Not only does it add useable outdoor living space but it also adds significant value to your home.
At Precision Fencing Services, we are able to make your deck dreams come to life. From the first meeting to discuss your ideas, to creating the deck you have always envisioned, we are there every step of the way.
Railings are not only a necessity for safety but they also add character and design to your project! We will work with you and your budget to make sure you have a safe and solid outdoor space that will look beautiful for years to come.
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There are many benefits to concrete curbs, including:

  • Providing a solid and level base for fence to be built on
  • Prevents animals from entering or exiting under your fence
  • Helps distinguish property lines
  • Helps with soil retention, water run-off, and creeping weeds
  • Creates an aesthetically appealing look to your yard

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Improving the curb appeal and functionality of your yard adds significant value to your home. We are able to offer the following general landscaping services to assist you in achieving your outdoor oasis!

  • Removal and installation of sod
  • Site preparation for laying landscape rock, mulch, patio stones, etc.
  • Digging holes/pilings for decks and fences
  • Hauling and delivering materials for landscaping including rocks, gravel, mulch, etc.
  • Site clean-up and dump runs

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