Precision Fencing Services is highly knowledgeable and experienced with agricultural fencing. We understand the importance of protecting your livestock, crops, property, and equipment and take pride in ensuring that our fences are built to last, perform the functions you require, and look aesthetically pleasing!

Fencing Services Available

  • Barbed Wire Fence
  • Smooth Wire Fence
  • Rail Fence
  • Horse Fence
  • Custom Fencing Options

There are many reasons why land owners require agricultural fencing. Most importantly, it distinguishes property boundaries and ensures your livestock, crops, and/or equipment remain secure.
Agricultural fencing is often a large project requiring many kilometers of fence installation. Our team at Precision Fencing Services can assist you in determining how much product you require and determine the best fencing solution to meet your needs.
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At Precision Fencing Services, we have installed thousands of kilometers of barbed wire fencing for our agricultural clients. Barbed wire fence is most often used for livestock containment and pasture management.
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If you're looking for something less abrasive to contain your horses or dogs, a smooth wire or mesh fence may be your best option. It does not detract from the beauty of the land and safely performs the functions you require.
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Rail fence is an excellent way to boost your properties visual appeal! It not only looks fantastic, but it is incredibly solid, making it an excellent choice for property and horse owners.
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When building a fence for your horses, we know that it needs to serve two main functions. It must be strong enough to keep your horses secure AND it must be safe for the horse's themselves! Rail Fence is the most common choice as it looks beautiful and is solid. Other design options are available such as a combination of rail and mesh or plank fencing.
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Have a custom fencing idea for your land? Precision Fencing Services will help make it a reality! Whether you are looking for livestock containment, fencing solutions to identify property boundaries, or other fencing solutions to protect your crops, equipment, and family, our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in agricultural fencing solutions.